The videogame accessory business accounts for more than a billion dollars in annual sales in the USA alone (NPD), yet attracts very few new entrants due to high startup costs and ever growing margin pressures on both production and retail sides. The large-scale companies that have long dominated the space, such as MadCatz, PDP, and BD&A, are squeezed by these forces as well the overhead of the scale they have achieved. Such detrimental forces lead directly to their limited ability to innovate in product and provide consumers additional features and utility at established price points. Their management is old and stilted, and no love for the art of videogames permeates their cultures.

Camy Electronics and Plastics stands as a counterpoint to such decrepit market forces. Founded and managed by a younger generation who grew up with videogames as an intrinsic part of their lives and culture, Camy Electronics and Plastics is the only company in the videogame accessory industry that can truly claim a ‘by gamers, for gamers’ motto. Thanks to Camy’s focused scale and proximity to the manufacturing base, we enjoy the lowest production costs in the industry, thereby allowing every product we manufacture to surpass the entrenched competition in quality, innovation, features, and value for the consumer.